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Valley Fever Solutions
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FDA orphan designation: NikZ for cocci indication   OOPD - 7 years market exclusivity
  QIDP - additional 5 years market exclusivity

NikZ is a new class of antifungal

NCE New Chemical Entity
Novel Mechanism of Action (MOA) among commercial antifungals,
   interferes with chitin synthase
Selective to fungal cells - nontoxic to mammals
Valley Fever sensitive to NikZ as monotherapy
Enhances other anti-fungal treatments as combination

Good preclinical results in reliable models

Excellent results in animal model highly correlated with human results
Several pet dogs responding well

Phase 2a Trial Plans

Need support: Phase 2a Proof of Concept:
   - small group of typical, long suffering patients
NIH supported: Phase 2a Proof of Concept:
   - current patients unresponsive to best available treatments
NIH supported: Phase 2a Proof of Concept:
   - patients with first signs of infection (early intervention)

More details

Executive Summary
Powerpoint - Investor Summary
Powerpoint - Disease Background and Research Direction